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Duration: 30 minutes
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Task initiation is one of the executive functions that help you get started on tasks. It also includes overcoming procrastination and starting tasks that you don’t want to do. Challenges with task initiation can lead to work being completed late (or not at all), frustration, and feeling overwhelmed. Improving your task initiation can help you reduce these feelings and regain control of your work and home tasks.

Executive functions are a set of skills that allow us to direct our focus to plan, start, remember, and continue tasks: inhibition, cognitive flexibility and working memory.

This video takes a practical approach to boost your task initiation, demonstrating that these skills are critical to being effective and succeeding both at work and at home.

Main Features

  • Understand task initiation in relation to executive functions and neuroscience
  • Learn some new strategies that you can start using straight away to improve your ability to start tasks sooner and reduce procrastination
  • A downloadable handout which summarises the key concepts and exercises that you can do to consolidate your learning
  • Learn how Connections in Mind can help if you need more support with improving your executive functioning

Who is the target audience?

This video course is aimed at anyone who struggles with task initiation or procrastination, be it in their personal or professional lives.

Our executive function coaches work with adults, parents, professionals, adolescents and children. If you would like more support then please book a free 30 minute discovery call with our client services team to discuss your needs and challenges more specifically.

Task initiation with Matt
20 minutes
All of our videos are designed to be useful for everyone; no prior understanding needed.
No video will ever be able to do this - but we see this video as an important step in the right direction.
This video is for people who want to reduce procrastination and getting starter on tasks sooner, whether they are daily home tasks or larger work projects.

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