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CONNECTED MINDS PARENT COURSE: A neuroscientific approach to being a parent

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Enrolled: 56 students
Duration: 6 hours
Lectures: 6
Level: Beginner


Research shows that one of the best predictors of success in school and in adult life is not intelligence, but capable executive functioning. Executive function (EF) control all of our thoughts, actions, emotions and behaviour. They enable us to plan and schedule our time, make timely decisions, hold instructions in mind, get going on tasks and keep going when things are challenging.

Neuroscience research shows a clear link between strong EF skills and learning in life, yet we don’t teach children what they are or how to develop them. EF challenges can often present as emotional or behavioural challenges.

Our pioneering Connected Minds parent course is a blueprint for parenting and includes researched-based tools for children to help them lead their futures in healthy and meaningful directions. As parents, we cannot control all of the good and bad things that will happen to our children, but we can give them the tools they need to make their experiences, whether joyous or painful, opportunities for growth and success.

Our course uses the latest neuroscientific research to support parents in developing their relationship with their children first before we teach any new skills. It’s so important for young people to be involved in their own emotional and cognitive experience and learn from the behaviour that we, as parents’ model.

What the course covers:

Our six session, self-paced online course covers teaching on brain development, an outline of what the EFs are, what it looks like when they don’t work properly and how to improve them. How parents communicate with their child to teach these skills is crucially important and will be covered in some detail.

Main Features:

  • Brain development and neuroscience: Understand your child’s brain.
  • EFs through the ages: What are they and how can they be improved?
  • Training EFs in your child: Communicating with your child for real change.
  • Emotions, yours and theirs: How do they get in the way?
  • Parenting pitfalls: Why does it often go so wrong?
  • Making it work in the long term: Resilience and long-term change.

Who is this course for?

This course is for any parent or family who is seeking parenting guidance grounded in neuroscientific research. This course is also beneficial for parents who can identify, or struggle to control their emotions, with one or more of the following:

  • Forgetting tasks and homework
  • Trouble starting homework independently
  • Difficulty estimating how long a task will take
  • Being distracted easily
  • Difficulty keeping track of belongings
  • Inability to remember names and other key details
  • Trouble listening to and following instructions
  • Moving on to another task before one is finished
  • Difficulty remembering and following multi-step instructions
  • Problems understanding roles in multi-part organizations, like sports teams
  • Trouble transitioning between tasks.

Your 6 session interactive course

Session 1 – Brain Development, Mindset, & Executive Function Skills
60 minutes
Session 1: Quiz
6 questions
Session 2 – The Neuroscience of Emotions & Behaviour, Rewards & Reinforcements
60 minutes
Session 2 : Quiz
7 questions
Session 3 – Getting Children to Reflect, Empathy, & Obstacles to Connection
Session 3 Quiz
8 questions
Session 4 – Communication, Common Roadblocks & Boundaries
60 minutes
Session 4: Quiz
8 questions
Session 5 – Goal Setting, Overcoming Obstacles, Scaffolding & Strategies
60 minutes
Session 5: Quiz
7 questions
Session 6 – Repairing, Reviewing the Course and Sustaining the Approach
60 minutes

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