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CiM Learning is an online learning platform which brings research based knowledge, teaching and coaching directly to you. Our videos and online courses look at the science behind executive functions, deliver understanding and offer practical advice and strategies on how managing executive functions can improve children’s, adolescents, parents and adults lives. Our videos and online courses are developed and delivered by experienced and dedicated coaches who are experts at delivering executive function coaching.

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Connections in Mind is a family of organisations that is committed to raising awareness of executive function skills and their impact on children’s development and relationships. The partnership is made up of Connections in Mind Coaching, Connected Minds Parenting, THE CODE, and the Connections in Mind Foundation.

What are executive functions?

‘Executive Function’ describes a set of skills that reside in the prefrontal cortex of the brain which help us plan and organise our responses, behaviour and emotions. These are many of the skills that underpin learning and enable children and adolescents to function with a reasonable degree of independence.

What executive function skills do we need to succeed?

Managing your time.

Organising your thoughts, tasks and materials.

Engaging and maintaining your attention.

Planning and prioritisation.

Getting started (task initiation).

Staying on track.

Remembering what to do and when to do it.

Problem solving.


Managing emotions.